Creating a modern atmosphere

The intercultural development continuum depicts various levels of competency in intercultural stages with developmental distinctions between monocultural and intercultural mindsets. Acceptance and adaptation represent strong ability to effectively engage-in and navigate cross-cultural encounters and written communications through intercultural competence that fosters stronger relationships and helps individuals and organizations embrace diversity in all levels at the workplace.

Source: Reproduced from the Intercultural Development Inventory Resource Guide by permission of the author, Mitchell R. Hammer, Ph.D., IDI,LLC. Copyright 1998, 2003, 2007, 2012 Mitchell R. Hammer, IDI, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

A certain amount of misinterpretation is almost inevitable whenever a person from one culture tries to figure out what someone from another culture means. Even if they’re not deliberate, these misunderstandings can be very frustrating and can easily undermine relations in the workplace.